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Tom's Music

I love music, but I didn’t realize that until recently, relatively speaking.  Started playing guitar at 51 and writing songs at 50.  “Why not earlier”, you ask?  I often wonder, and my Mom says, “I tried.” It’s never, ever too late.  I have written several of these songs with Rob Heath, an award winning singer/songwriter from Canada

“I Wish I Knew” – Inspired by a 9 year-old girl whose father, Sgt. Michael Smith, was killed in the Dallas sniper attack.  A tribute to the young lives that are so impacted by violence.

“Just Another Day” – Inspired by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary where so many young lives were lost.

“Lou” – I was asked to do the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Instead, I wrote a song about Lou Gehrig who brought the disease ALS to the forefront. Lou gave the most famous speech by a baseball player.  This is a tribute to him, The Iron Horse, for playing 2,130 consecutive games.  Amazing, inspirational man.

“Did You Know” – I wrote this song for Taylor (my daughter) and Seb for their wedding.  A little speech at the beginning sets it up.

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