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Tom's Telling Testimonials

"I highly recommend Tom Schneider as a speaker to your group. business or civic organization.  You will truly be better for the experience."

William J. Moroney

-CFO Principal Diversified Roofing  

(Nov 21, 2016)

“I learned a lot from Tom and have applied many of those concepts in my subsequent positions.  I have watched Tom be successful at virtually everything he tries.  He has made a lasting impact on me and my career and am still glad to call him my friend after so many years.”

– Former CFO of Royal Precision

“What stood out to me were his integrity and his leadership qualities.  Tom has always been team oriented and his unique mix of people skills with his wonderful sense of humor enabled team success to be timely and fun at the same time!”

–Former Cost Accounting Manager for Ping Golf

“What I really liked about working with Tom is that he would view our business as a CEO.  His analysis always had a conclusion and he presented the information in such a way that non-accountants could understand.  I can’t remember one of his recommendations that I did not  agree with and implement.”

– Former CEO Loudmouth Golf

“I can tell you that he is one of the toughest competitors I know in everything he does, without being arrogant or obnoxious about it.  He has the utmost integrity and is one of the most versatile people I have ever met.”

– Former Partner at KPMG

“With Tom’s leadership, he took our company with a loss of over $2 million the previous year to a $1.5 million net income.  He is an incredible leader who created one of the best cultures I have seen in my career.”

– Retired Senior Partner from Arthur Andersen

“Some new hires might have been upset by the financial position of the company that they stepped into, but Tom dug in and worked as many hours as I’ve seen anyone work to help the company.  His ability to work with people at all levels and have them trust him and have confidence that he knows what he is doing is remarkable.”

– Former President of Royal Grip

“We really appreciate your advice and guidance.  It’s great to have your talent on our team.”

-Founder of Truce cleaning products.

Tom wrote a song about me called "I Don't Like Cats." (Check it out on the next page 😻) Ever since that day, and knowing that he "Don't Like Cats", I've had issues.  He treats me like royalty but the therapy bills are through the roof.

-Domino (Tom's Cat)

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